2012 round up - what a year!

2012 has been a truly amazing year for me. Two major things happened, including achieving my dream of going to Africa. Not only did I get to see and experience the beautiful, spiritual, life changing countries of both Namibia and South Africa, I got to rub shoulders (literally) with big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs, amongst other awesome animals, and people. Click here to read more on that once in a lifetime experience.  

Atheno the cheetah, and me, in Namibia


The other major thing that happened was this, Cat Tee Mission. It all started with a yearning to do more for cats in need. I knew I would use my art experience and skills by creating something to sell, so people would get something in return, rather than just asking for money. Then one day it just came to me - tee shirts, with cats, and a message! Purrfect! I never expected it to be as successful as it has been and I can't thank YOU enough. If you're reading this, if you've bought a tee or a few, or one of our new hoodies, or, even if you're just thinking about buying one - thank you! I'll continue to blog and offer giveaways, so people have even more of an incentive to visit the CTM website or FB page, and to let you know about new products, designs, partnerships, and the rescue groups we support.


Oliver and me


In 2013 you can expect some new designs and products, as well as opportunities for artists/designers to get involved, and lots of other fun things too. Once again, thank you for your support during this amazing amazing year. Happy New Year!


Love love love!