Portraits for Cats Fundraiser # 3

Last year we held two successful Portraits for Cats fundraisers so I thought it was time to do it again. With Christmas fast approaching, what better time?! What is the Portraits for Cats Fundraiser? In basic terms, I will draw your cat for a donation! Please note, the terms and conditions are specific, and there is a donation minimum, so please read very carefully below.  

Fundraiser conditions:

  • donations must at least AUD$25 to qualify for a free artwork (see below)
  • you WILL NOT recieve a hard copy of your portrait like last time. You will be emailed a large file of the completed artwork which will be print ready. That way you can have it printed on whatever you want, at whatever size you want, as many times as you want!
  • donation of AUS$25-34 includes a portrait of one cat head
  • donation of AUD$35-44 includes a portrait of two cat heads
  • donations of AUD$45-$64 includes a full body portrait of one cat
  • donations of over AUD$65 includes a full body portrait of two cats
  • please email hello@felinefoundation.org if you would like a portrait of more than two cats
  • donor must email me to claim their free gift after they've made their donation: hello@felinefoundation.org *this step is important - you must email me as I don't have time to chase people up
  • a clear, good quality photo of your cat must be supplied if entitled to a free custom portrait
  • PLEASE NOTE: you are not buying a portrait. You are making a donation and getting a gift in return, thus only very minor changes will be able to be made to your portrait once it is complete. I will ask for your input before I start it regarding colours, patterns and anything else you'd like me to include
  • all donations are distributed between the groups we support who work to save domestic cats around the world, and big cats in Africa
  • to donate, use the button below
  • for more info about how the custom portraits are produced, click here
  • click here to see more of the portraits I drew during our last fundraiser
  • portraits will take approx one week to complete
  • fundraiser will run from the time this blog post goes live, until 22nd November 2014