I just want to drink wine, save lions and take naps by Alison Lee Rubie

Firstly I apologise for the length of time between my last post and now. I have been in Africa with limited internet and time. But it’s good to be back.


Photo by Alison Lee Rubie courtesy of and with permission by CACH and CACH Spain and the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pictured above is George (right) and Yame (left), the two little French born, Spanish raised lion cubs who are now being cared for in South Africa. If you are unfamiliar with the story, these cubs were rescued by the Campaign Against Canned Hunting Spain team after it was brought to their attention how poorly these cubs were being treated. After months of rehabilitation and constant care, the cubs are now much healthier and are pictured here at their new home, the home of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, where they will be cared for, for the remainder of their lives by Kevin himself and his dedicated team. I was fortunate to meet CJ and Luis, the two dedicated members of CACH Spain who cared for the cubs prior to their transfer to South Africa and also to see George and Yame in their new home of which they have settled in well. This reminded me of the plight of the young lion. In South Africa and over the world, cubs are exploited by humans wanting to earn a quick dollar whether it be for their own benefit or contributing to canned hunting. Unsuspecting visitors, volunteers and guests come for the chance to get up close to a big cat with most not knowing the consequences of their actions. Almost all places in South Africa for example, that allow you to pet cubs, contribute to the canned hunting industry. So please think twice before petting a cub and research your trip to South Africa to see animals in the wild.

To help raise money to fight against canned hunting and the poor treatment of lion cubs, I would like to share the design my friend and designer Emily Elise, did for me (inspired by Sarah's original 'Wine, Cats and Naps' design) for this months Artist Exchange, which is now available on tees and other merchandise in The Feline Foundation's shops. All proceeds from the sale of this design will go directly to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting in South Africa. The funds will be used to help lion cubs in similar situations to George and Yame and help give them a fur-ever home. This offer is available up until 31st December and would make the perfect gift. So please pop to the store and see what’s on offer. A reminder too that the US and UK shop ships worldwide including to all countries in Africa AND you can get FREE SHIPPING in those two shops when you buy two or more items with coupon code XMASTWO until 3rd December. 

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Thank you! Next time I will bring a blog about the Cheetah for International Cheetah Day on December 4. 

Alison modelling the t-shirt on her recent trip to South Africa.

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