WINE for a cause!

For a long time now we've done most of our fundraising through merchandise sales, and it has been for the most part successful. But I've wanted to reach out to a broader audience for some time now, hence the online fundraisers I do from time to time. But today I'm excited to announce we've spread our wings even further - listen up wine lovers!

The Feline Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with Goodwill Wine. Goodwill Wine is dedicated to sourcing the best quality boutique wine from independent wineries across Australia and is a licensed fundraiser and business made possible from the goodwill of others. They pledge 50% of the profit (or a minimum of $20 per case) from your purchase to the charity or non-profit organisation of your choice, ie. us!

So, if you'd like to support us through this new venture, please click here to get your wine now! Perfect timing for Christmas! ;)

AND don't forget, following on from yesterday's post, if you love wine and cute merchandise, why not get yourself some wine as well as one of our 'Wine, Cats and Naps' or 'Wine, Lions and Naps' tees?! Visit our shop to see all our merchandise.

Sarah MenziesComment