Shelter Cat Sunday

Are you looking for a furry gift to give a loved one (or yourself!) this Christmas? If so, let me please first remind you that a pet is for life, and a cat can be a 20+ year commitment. Secondly, please visit your local rescue or shelter when bringing a new cat or dog into your life. This is Tippi, and she is in need of a forever home and is located in Queensland.

Tippi was sent to the local pound in a suitcase with her 5 beautiful 4 week old baby boys after being found dumped in the local area. She also arrived there in amazingly good health and not a flea to be seen on her or her bubs. Tippi is such an impressionable young lady who quickly adapted to her foster home and was and still is friendly with everybody she meets. Tippi has also been the best Mum to her boys, taking care of them and making sure they are always fed, clean and safe.

Can you give this young mum the love she deserves? Find out more about her here or call her carer Rebecca on 0402 588 267. Hoping Tippi finds a home for Christmas!