Shelter Cat Sunday

The Lost Dog's Home in Melbourne has waived its adoption fee for all cats over 3 years old until the end of the year. What better time to adopt an adult feline?!

Meet Venus, a smokey 5 year old young lady who is in desperate need of a loving home.

Beautiful Venusis an attractive cat with a sweet disposition. She simply adores being given pats and she will generally happily accept all of the pats you are willing to bestow upon her. Although Venus sometimes likes to be cuddled (especially if a simultaneous chin rub is involved) she has a preference for not being picked up and carried around a lot. It is imperative that Venus's new owners regularly brush her thick, extremely fluffy coat to keep it knot/tangle free and looking its best.

Venus is located at the North Melbourne shelter. More info can be found here or by calling (03) 9329 2755. Please share.