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The last Cat Tee Mission blog post, posted on Monday 30th June 2014:

Guys, we've made a big decision. A decision some might think risky, but a decision we feel needed to be made none the less. WE ARE CHANGING OUR NAME!!!

That's right, very shortly, Cat Tee Mission is going to become The Feline Foundation. The reason for this change is because WE have changed. When I first launched CTM, we were literally just about tees. My goal was to sell tee shirts with a message about the plight of domestic cats. Not too long after that we started selling other products too, then welcoming other artists on board to give you a whole bunch of other cool kitty merch with a wide range of designs to choose from. And then not long after that we started supporting big cats too. We also started holding online fundraisers and raffles, and I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to raise more money for cats. Something that couldn't be done through tee shirts alone. So I've been thinking about this for a long time, and we've finally gone ahead and made the decision to make the change.

We also feel that The Feline Foundation has a more professional ring to it, I wont have to spell out our web address to people anymore and it gives us a much more broad title, one we have room to move under, should we decide to expand even further and start holding events and dinner (which I would love to do). We will have a new website and logo soon, and hopefully Facebook will let me change the name of our current page too.TwitterPinterest and Instagram can all be changed at the type of a few keys, so that will happen over the coming days too.

If you're sitting here reading this thinking "but what about my tee shirt with the website on it?" never fear! will be re-directed to the new website and will stay that way indefinitely.

I always like to take opportunities to thank you for your support, and this is no different. THANK YOU guys, I couldn't do this without you. Make sure you're following us on FBTwitterPinterest and/or Instagram to stay up to date with all the announcements and name change-overs!

Lots of love,

Sarah xo