Snuggle Coats

This blog post is a bit of a sad one, so apologies in advance, but its about something that a lot of people don't realise cats are used for. (And I promise it'll get less sad about half way through.)

The fur trade.

People think of foxes, fur seals, minks, chinchillas, sables etc when they think of fur coats, WHICH IS BAD ENOUGH, but I'm sorry to tell you that in China, cats and dogs are used too. ALL of the animals used for fur suffer. They can be anally electrocuted, skinned alive, bludgeoned to death, hung, and the list goes on. And I still cannot believe that some people think that wearing, owning and buying fur is ok. Even people (well one person that I know of) on our Facebook page.

It has even been reported that you could actually be buying real fur when you think you're buying fake! So beware!

This is where this post gets a little less depressing... I'm happy to report that one of my good friends, animal lover and cat mum of four, Lisa Brennan, has started her own non-profit organisation to try and give back to the animals, using recycled fur. Lisa started her org, Snuggle Coats, so fur coats and other items can be donated to other animal non-profit organisations as enrichment for their animals.

We cannot undo the cruelty of the past – but we can partially counteract it by helping hundreds of animals each year. Donated furs are collected, disassembled and shipped to Animal Welfare Groups and used as bedding to provide a more natural and nurturing surrounding. Furs provide a more natural environment for the animals as compared to towels or blankets and the animals are often heard heaving audible sighs before snuggling into these fur donations.

If you have inherited a fur of any kind, or you know someone who has, or even if you find one in a charity shop, why not donate it to Snuggle Coats so it can now be used for good, rather than the evil it took to be created? Email Lisa on for more info. And please sign this petition.

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