Shelter Cat Sunday

Meet Jinx and Tonto, two inseparable brothers in care with Border Small Animal Rescue in NSW.

Jinx and Tonto are the most beautiful boys to have come through the rescue. They have been with us since newborn and sadly are often overlooked. They are brothers and very attached to each other so we cannot separate them. Jinx is Mr confident and nothing ever fazes him, he loves affection and being cuddled even on his back like a baby, he watches TV and has many quirky sleeping positions, He adores children ,dog's and cats. Tonto is the smaller of the two and is very placid, like Jinx he is relaxed about everything and spends more time sleeping than most cats. Tonto loves cuddles and sleeping in the bed if allowed. He is also friendly to all people and animals.

If you're looking for add a stunning due to your family, click here to read more about these boys or contact the rescue here.