Shelter Cat Sunday - Urgent

This poor boy is Garfield. He is located in NSW at Fairfield Road Vet Hospital in Guildford, where he was taken by his previous owners to be put to sleep because they didn't want him anymore. So infuriating! Please share this with everyone you know that might want a smoochy cat, more info below.

Garfield is available for adoption immediately. He is at Fairfield Road Vet Hospital at Guildford and was brought in suffering from having eaten snail bait.
He is the biggest smoochiest friendliest boy that his owners no longer want.
They have retired and said they want a holiday.
Garfield was going to be pts by them but Donna said they would keep him for the weekend and try and find him a home.

If you're interested or know anyone who might be, please call (02) 9632 5424 immediately. Garfield doesn't deserve this.