Shelter Cat Sunday

Today we bring you not one, but two cats in need. Meet the cutest bonded pair you will ever see, Pepe and Poppy. They are looking for a home together and are in care with Cat Protection Society in Sydney.

Pepe and Poppy are a delightfully affectionate and bonded pair who need each other as much as they need an understanding and loving home. When they arrived at Cat Protection, Poppy, a sweet exotic shorthair, was quite ill and has received months of care and medication in their foster home. Surgery to expand her nostril cavities and allow Poppy to breathe more freely was investigated, however this procedure was deemed impossible as her nose is simply too small so Poppy requires some assistance to keep her nose (and eyes) clean. Being extremely brachycephalic (flat faced) also created difficulties eating and Poppy has been known to finish a meal with more food on her face than in her belly. Pet steps are required for Poppy to climb on to couches and beds due to a mild hip dysplasia and although we have done our absolute best to increase Poppy’s health, she will always be a very special child whose health will need to be monitored and maintained. Pepe is Poppy’s guardian and protector. He will be the first to approach and appraise strangers or will place himself in between Poppy and any impending trouble. Together they are an adorable pair of cats who will bring love and joy to their forever people as they follow their people from room to room and sleep by their side. An understanding of Poppy’s current health and any future requirements (including above average veterinary costs) on your part as their owner is essential.

If you think you can give these two special youngsters the loving home they deserve, click here for more info or call (02) 9557 4818. Hoping it doesn't take these cuties too long to get snapped up!