The Feline Foundation Welcomes Deidre Wicks

When on the lookout for awesome new artists to approach for Artist Exchange, my never-fail go-to source is Pinterest! I've had Deidre Wicks' Kitty With a Cupcake watercolour painting pinned to my 'Cat Art' board for a very long time now, so I'm so glad she agreed to lend us this adorable artwork for the month of July. It doesn't get much better than kitties and cupcakes!

Head to our  shop  now to get yourself some kitty cupcake goodness!

Head to our shop now to get yourself some kitty cupcake goodness!

Deidre spends her days in her tiny studio in Toronto, Canada where she paints funny animals and giggles to herself continually. She was first introduced to watercolour illustration while studying Fashion Design at Ryerson University, before that she never really drew at all, believe it or not! After several years of struggle in the fashion industry Deidre returned to illustration as an escape... and eventually, magically, it became her living! And aren't we glad it did?! Deidre is owned by two male cats who she talks to constantly and swears they understand every word. You can see more of Deidre's work in her Etsy shop or on her website.

Head to our online shops now to grab yourself something featuring the adorable kitty above - I just bought myself a tote! As always, all proceeds go to our partner charities. Thanks so much for being a part of Artist Exchange Deidre!