How do you Chew? by Jessica McColl

I was recently watching an episode of Bondi Vet being replayed. There was a ginger puss who was rushed into the emergency vet SASH with a possible (and then later confirmed) obstruction. The obstruction was caused by the cat ingesting some of the ribbon used to package a birthday gift. Fortunately the owner knew what to do as the cat had had an obstruction before. Usually I would start abusing the television with “how could you be so stooopid”, but not this time because I have a confession to make…

I have a chewer.

With so much of my recent post’s being occupied by Mr. Bean and his recent ill health, it is now time to give my other furr baby some of the limelight. Macy has always been a notorious chewer. Being familiar with feline health, as we all should be as responsible cat owners, I have always been aware that cats can become obstructed from eating things they shouldn’t. Knowing that she has a penchant for the long and stringy, the plastic and the shiny, I have always endeavored to ensure anything that she could possible eat gets put away when Macy is not being supervised. Having a cat like this, it just becomes second nature and you find yourself containing all things that could be chewed. But I occasionally get caught out. She will find something in my handbag or something will be hanging out of the edges of one of the cupboards which she can niggle out. There have been times where I have simply not seen the offending object as something that would be chewed. I should also mention, with ever so slight owner bias, that Macy is probably the smartest cat ever. She knows that she is not supposed to chew things so she is now incredibly sneaky about it. Usually the first I know about it is when I am scooping out the kitty litter. Never underestimate the shock that bright and shiny poop presents.

One time, I was scooping the litter and was positively convinced that Macy had roundworm.  I have seen roundworm before and this looked exactly like it. Just how my exclusively indoor, regularly wormed cat got it, I could not fathom. On closer inspection (c’mon, we all do it), it had a sharp end poking out. This could only mean two things; Macy had either picked up some new killer roundworm hybrid or she had chewed a piece of the chord on my Christmas fairy lights out. No prizes for guessing which one proved to be correct.

Now it’s fess up, is your cat a notorious chewer?