The Feline Foundation Welcomes Cat Versus Human

This may just be our most exciting Artist Exchange yet! The one and only Yasmine Surovec of Cat Versus Human has so kindly agreed to join us for the month of September and October with her tuxedo kitty below that she drew exclusively for us!

Click here  to get your Cat Versus Human tux kitty merch now

Click here to get your Cat Versus Human tux kitty merch now

I have been a massive Cat Versus Human fans for many years, religiously following Yasmine's hilarious comics relating to every-day cat-owner life. If you've been living under a rock and don't know of Cat Versus Human, click here to check out the blog. Yasmine has had amazing success with what just started out as a random one off comic piece, launching her own merchandise line, selling limited edition custom portraits from time to time (I own one myself!) and publishing several Cat Versus Human books both for adults and kids, her latest release is available here

I cannot thank Yasmine enough for taking time our of her crazy busy schedule to draw this adorable kitty for us and help us raise funds for big and small cats around the world. Visit our shop to get this extremely limited edition kitty on our merch now! All proceed go to our partner charities