Shelter Cat Sunday - Cook Islands Edition

I've just come back from a super relaxing week in the beautiful Cook Islands. While there we visited one of the local shelters, the Esther Honey Foundation. At the Esther Honey Foundation they aim to deliver a scientifically-proven, permanent and compassionate solution to the over-population of South Pacific Island dogs and cats by offering affordable, high-quality veterinary services with an emphasis on spay/neuter and humane education. They operate as a vet clinic and shelter where cats and dogs are available for adoption. This week's SCS post is dedicated to all the kitties (and dogs too!) who are currently in care there and looking for a forever home.

I realise most of you don't live in the Cook Islands so can't adopt any of these babies, but what you can do is help them out by DONATING. They are not government funded so need all the help they can get. Please click here to donate now. Below are some of my photos from my visit. I hope to be able to support the Esther Honey Foundation in some upcoming campaigns. Stay tuned!