Shelter Cat Sunday - Easter Edition

Meet Cheeta! A pretty little feline in care with 2nd Chance Cat Rescue in Victoria. And what a great name!

Cheeta is a stunning little tabby with golden eyes and a sleek coat. She loves to play with her friends and then have a nap to restore her energy for the next bout of crazy playing. Cheeta is outgoing and cheeky, cute and funny. While she loves cuddles, she also has ants in her pants and has plenty of energy to use up. She is a well-adjusted little girl with a stunningly beautiful tabby fur coat.

Isn't she gorgeous?! To find out more about Cheeta and enquire about adoption click here.

While I've got you let me wish you a very happy Easter! I hope you're having a beautiful weekend filled with whatever makes you happy - cats, chocolate, family, bunnies, long weekends... whatever it may be :) Don't forget we have an Easter giveaway happening at the moment, enter here.