Foster Diaries: Brandy by Jessica McColl

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our first ever foster kitty Brandy. Brandy is a stunning tabbyand white girl who is approximately sixteen weeks old.
I have been trying to think about what I can say to you about this little cat, who is just so perfect in every way and who deserves a furrever home so much.
So I was trying to mentally compose this post while I cleaned the house. Miss Brandy loyally followed me from room to room, not making a fuss or vying for my attention, but simply providing her companionship. This gives you a tiny glimpse of how loyal and devoted she is to her people, a trait that is not common to all cats. She is like my teeny little purring shadow. 

I then noticed that she had wandered off. Almost just as soon as this dawned on me I heard squeals of utter delight coming from Young Miss Crazy Cat Lady in Training. I popped my head out of the bathroom door to find them engaged in a game in the living room. Up until last Saturday, Brandy has never lived in a house with a toddler. It took her less than 48 hours to adjust to life with over excited child. Over the past week I have witnessed Miss Brandy sit dutifully as she has stories read to her, songs sung to her (my personal favourite being "Brandy has a little lamb") and being involved in all sorts of games and make believe. She will listen when she is taught valuable life lessons - "Brand, don't scratch my dolly, people don't like it when you scratch them. It makes them sad. Ok? Good girl" and is always up for a game. She doesn't even flinch at the squeals and thundering of foot steps up and down the hallway. Now you can see a glimpse of how adaptable and patient she is. 

When she first met Mr. Bean she went straight up to him and bumped heads. She greets hims like this all the time, but doesn't press her case and irritate him. If he is not keen for a play, and let's face it, he's so lazy that a 2minute play exhausts him for a whole day, she never tries to push him into it. Macy is outraged that another cat has been bought into the house. Again to Miss Brandy's testament, she gives her a wide berth and never tries to aggravate Macy in any way. Here we can see how easily she fits into a house with already established felines. She is such a lover that I think she may like a home with another cat... And as we know two cats are certainly better than one! But I also think she would also be happy lapping up all the love from her people as a solo kitty.

As I type this, I am getting smooched and head butted to death by Miss Brandy the purring machine. As soon as you sit on the lounge, she is ready for a cuddle. She will happily go from running around with Young Miss to laying on the lounge with an adult counterpart enjoying the closeness while you watch tv or read a book. 

When I was envisioned myself writing this post, before she even came to stay with us, I imagined funny stories to share and insights into a challenging adjustment period. But Miss Brandy has come into our lives and slipped straight into the fold of our household. Before coming to us she lived with other cats and dogs. She will suit virtually any home. She may be purrfect for yours!

I hold a firm belief that cats choose their people. I know out there somewhere the universe has someone who is just perfect for Miss Brandy who is already being drawn to her.  I want them to find each other asap... She deserves it. This little one, part girl cat, part baby tiger just has so much love and devotion to offer her people and I feel sorry for them for every day they miss out.  So please, share the hell out of this post to help her people find her, she has already waited too long.

Brandy is a DSH kitten, approximately 16 weeks old. She is vaccinated, wormed, desexed and flea free. She comes with a two week trial and is ready and waiting to go home now.

If you think you'd like to meet or adopt Brandy, click here to find out how you can do so.