Bosco needs your help!

My beautiful 10 year old cat Bosco has had a lot of issues with his bladder over the last couple of years, with the tip of his urethra becoming blocked and he not being able to pee - a life threatening, reoccurring condition that is extremely stressful for everyone (furry and non) involved. 

He has become fully blocked on 3 occasions, the third time being yesterday. Full blockages require surgery and about a 3 night stay in hospital each time. He has also had some near blockages several other times.

Its time for us to prevent this from ever happening again, so Bosco is having the "sex change" AKA Perineal Urethrostomy operation. This is a risky, fiddly procedure, but when successful, 90% of male cats never block again. We can't keep going through surgeries to have him unblocked every 6 months, so that's why we've decided to take this step.

If you would like to help us cover costs, please click here to donate to his surgery. Any donations are so greatly appreciated! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I didn't really want to start a fundraiser for him, but my husband reminded me how many other cats I help, and that maybe its about time I ask for some help for one of my own. I thought he had a point, so again, thank you so much in advance for any assistance that can be offered - every dollar helps!

I also want to take this moment to raise awareness about this awful condition.

Male cats are far more susceptible to urethral blockages than female cats, whether the blockage is from urinary crystals or bladder stones. This is because a male cat's urethra is much longer and more narrow. 

It is thought that cats sometimes get urinary crystals from poor diets, stress, laziness (holding it), or a number of other things, however my vet tells me they really don't know why. We do everything right with Bosco, he's on a pescription diet and he is happy and loved, so in my opinion it is completely random. For us anyway. And two out of the three times Bosco has been blocked, he hasn't even had crystals. Its a really frustrating and stressful disease and I'm sure Bosco gets sick of me following him to the litter tray every time he pees.

If you ever suspect your cat is blocked, please DO NOT WAIT, and take him to the vet immediately. If a cat becomes blocked and nothing is done it is life threatening. The bladder will become fuller and fuller until it literally bursts and they die. Very scary.

Warning signs to look out for are: straining to urinate, frequent urination, blood in the urine, painful urination, inappropriate urination (urinating outside of a litter box), no urine coming out at all, excessive grooming their penis, growling while grooming their penis, lethargy, depression, vomiting, stopping eating and drinking.

The worst part is sometimes there are NO warning signs before an actual blockage, which has been the case with Bosco the last two times, its just lucky I watch him like a hawk and always check the litter tray after he has been.

If you have a gorgeous boy cat like I do, I hope you never have to go through this! Thanks for reading,

Sarah xo