Portraits for Bosco FUNDRAISER!

I’ve decided to hold another Portraits for Cats Fundraiser, but this time its called Portraits for Bosco.

As you may know, my beautiful cat Bosco has had some issues with his bladder over the last couple of years, with full blockages and some near blockages too. This is a life threatening, reoccurring condition and it happened again this past weekend. We decided to not let this happen to him ever again, so we went ahead with the “sex change” AKA Perineal Urethrostomy operation. This is a risky, fiddly procedure, but when successful, 90% of male cats never block again. We can't keep going through surgeries to have him unblocked every 6 months, so that's why we've decided to take this step. To read more about this operation, click here.

I’ve started raising funds to cover the unexpected cost of this surgery here, and I am so humbled and grateful for the donations we have received so far!

I want to give you more incentive to donate, so from now until the 15th June, or until we reach our goal of $2,000, anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more will receive a free portrait of their cat. If you have already made a donation of $50 or more, you are entitled too. Please read the instructions and conditions very carefully below.

Fundraiser conditions:

  • donations must be at least AUD$50 to qualify for a free artwork
  • you WILL NOT receive a hard copy of your portrait. You will be emailed a large file of the completed artwork which will be print ready. That way you can have it printed on whatever you want, at whatever size you want, as many times as you want!
  • donor must email me to claim their free gift after they've made their donationhello@felinefoundation.org *this step is important - please email me as I will not be able to chase everyone up
  • a clear, good quality photo of your cat must be supplied
  • PLEASE NOTE: you are not buying a portrait. You are making a donation and getting a gift in return, thus only very minor changes will be able to be made to your portrait once it is complete. I will ask for your input before I start it regarding colours, patterns and anything else you'd like me to include
  • to donate, use the button below or click here
  • portraits are hand drawn by me, then completed in photoshop with patterns and colours of your choice
  • click here to see more of the portraits I have drawn in the past
  • portraits will take approx one week to complete
  • fundraiser will run from the time this blog post goes live, until 31st July 2016, or until we reach our target goal of AUD$2,000
  • PLEASE NOTE: this will be the last time I ever run this fundraiser, so if you've been wanting one of these portraits this is your last chance!


Sarah and Bosco xoxo