Shelter Cat Sunday

Meet Lionel, a very strapping young man in care with Sydney's CatRescue

Lionel is a gorgeous, handsome ball of fluff! His soft grey and white hair is so long it drapes from his tail like a curtain and even grows out of his paws which is very cute! Lionel is a cheeky little guy that just loves company and thinks you are at his beck and call whenever he feels like playing, which is often! He will surely let you know when it's playtime by calling out to you. In saying that though he does love his daytime naps and will curl up in his bed content just to be near you. If you are after a cheeky cat with attitude Lionel is your man. While he doesn't like to be manhandled and is not your typical lap cat, he does love following you around so closely that you have to be careful you don't step on him. Breakfast time is his favourite, he will most certainly let you know when he is hungry!

To keep reading or enquire about adoption click here. Purring for you Lionel!