Shelter Cat Sunday

Meet Henrik! Henrik is a special needs kitty in care with Ingrid's Haven in Victoria.

Henrik is a lovely chap. He is also a very handsome fellow. 
He considers himself a bit of a lap cat and he certainly does lap up all the attention. He’s pretty relaxed and would be great company while you sit and read a book, or watch a bit of TV though he may request a few pats and will certainly return the affection in kind. Henrik is FIV+ but you’d never know it and he doesn’t let that stop him. He MUST be an inside cat though and he can share a home with other FIV+ cats or even other non FIV+ cats as long as they have been vaccinated against the virus.

If you'd like to know more about this gorgeous cat and what it would take to adopt him, click here. All kitties deserve loving forever homes, including this guy!