Beco Bowls for Eco Pets! GIVEAWAY and REVIEW

When I went to PETStock recently to purchase a new bowl for my dog Dexter I was spoiled for choice. However my choice wasn't hard when I discovered Beco Pets' range of eco-friendly bowls, made from from plant fibers found in bamboo and rice husks. Sustainable to produce and biodegradable once finished with! Perfect for my eco-friendly, limited-waste lifestyle that I'm trying my hardest to live.

I approached Beco Pets to see if they would be interested in collaborating for a giveaway and review and they happily accepted! (Keep reading to find out how you can win!) I knew Dexter loved his bowl so couldn't wait to see how the cats reacted to them too. The cat bowls are wide shaped with low sides which helps avoid discomforting friction for cats with long whiskers, and also helps avoid dirty noses which Bosco always seems to suffer from with his previous bowls! Beco Pets very kindly sent me one bowl in each colour, as well as a collection of their cat toys which are made from recycled plastic and filled with potent catnip.

Ollie and Duma tried out the bowls and absolutely loved them! Not only were they easy to eat from but I noticed a lack of food pushed out of them and onto the floor as well. The shape of the bowls allows for lots of room to eat from so they don't seem to be licking their food up the sides and therefore pushing it out. Yay for less cleaning!

Ollie also got a sneaky play with Bertie the Budgie seeing that he is the only one of my 3 cats that loves catnip! The toys are durable being made from recycled plastic and the catnip sent him a little nuts - always what you want with catnip haha! I cannot recommend Beco products enough, even their packaging was beautiful! They also have a huge range of accessories including biodegradable poop bags, dog toys, litter scoops and trays, and even beds - and all very reasonably priced! You can check everything out on their website and Beco Pets products are available across Australia if you visit any Pet Stock store or online.


We have 3 bowls and 3 toys to giveaway. Each winner will win a bowl and toy each - so 3 winners! Thanks Beco!

To win: comment on this blog post below. Simple! For an extra entry like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Instagram.

Winners will be drawn and announced next Monday 6th March at 10am AEDT. Good luck and huge thanks again to Beco Pets!