A Christmas Miracle

We've had little Oliver for 6 wonderful months now, and it has taken just about that long for Bosco, who has been in my life for over 6 years, to full accept him. Don't get me wrong, Bosco has never been nasty or resentful towards Oliver, but a miracle happened earlier this week that seems to confirm that Ollie is finally a part of the family.

Previous to the other night, the closest Ollie and Bosco could get without Bosco running off is shown below:

This closeness lasted for about 60 seconds

On Monday night, I went to bed before Dan who is a night owl, and he witnessed and photographed the following miracle. It is a miracle because 1 - Bosco is not a cuddly cat, and 2 - Bosco doesn't like Oliver touching him at all. The photos speak for themselves, and were taken over a 2 hour period...

Bosco was sleeping on the lounge first, and Oliver came to sleep behind him shortly after...

Bosco is slightly wary of Oliver's advances...

It would be about now that Bosco would normally run off. In fact, they've never even gotten this close before!

This is where it starts to get strange (because Bosco is still there!)

Both are starting to get comfy now...

A little closer...



You know Bosco is comfy/happy when the head goes up side down!

So sweet!

Seriously a Christmas miracle!!!

These photos made my day when Dan emailed them to me on Tuesday morning! I'm so glad he photographed it, because I never would have believed it! Hopefully more shots like this to come!

We probably won't post again before Christmas so we hope you all have a lovely day!