I recently came across some beautiful pet photos on FB and when I saw the name 'Adelaide' I got excited. "Are these guys from Adelaide?" (a city in Australia), I thought! Unfortunately (for me) not, they're from Chicago, but I can still hold out hope that one day they'll travel across the seas to come and take some amazing photos of my kitties, seeing that one of the photographers, Erin, used to live in Australia.

Adelaide Pet Photo is run by Erin and Evan, a gorgeous couple who love animals, and they decided to name their new company after their late cat, Adelaide.


I am absolutely IN LOVE with their photographic style - the photos are truly exquisite, and it's really not often you find portraits of pets that look like they could be featured in a high fashion magazine. They're the complete opposite of some of the tacky photos I've seen, and I am hoping, praying, and crossing all toes and fingers that they come to Australia soon... That hope is encouraged by the fact that Evan is also a pilot!

Below is just a sample of the stunning art these guys have produced with their cameras (dogs too)...

Erin and Evan now share their home with two lovely girl cats, Quigley and Laney, pictured below.

For more about Adelaide Pet Photo, and to find out how you can book a session with these two talented photographers, click here to visit their website.