African Cat Appeal

We've been giving a few hints for a while now, about an exciting announcement coming up to celebrate Cat Tee Mission's first birthday. Well the time has come! Say hello to the African Cat Appeal!  


New stuff in store now!


Those of you that follow CTM closely may have guessed this was coming after my time volunteering in Africa last year. The plight of cats in the wild is a desperate one, with numbers dropping rapidly, and we feel compelled to not only expand the organisations we support to include big cats, but sell new merchandise which helps to educate others about this crisis. With this new expansion, please let me express that nothing is going to be taken away from our domestic cats! Cat Tee Mission is now just about all cats, big and small - and by expanding to include big cats we welcome a new demographic of people, which will hopefully increase sales to assit all our ognaisations.




Say hello to our two new organisations: N/a’an ku se Wildlife Foundation and Harnas Wildlife Foundation (where I volunteered last year). Both of these organisations are in Namibia, Africa, where they operate wildlife sanctuaries that are home to lions, leopards, cheetahs, caracals, servals, wildcats and many many more animals in need that have come to the sanctuaries as orphans, unwanted wild pets, problem animals, or injured animals. Those that are able, are released back into the wild, and those that aren’t get to live their lives in huge enclosures in a natural African environment.




Both N/a’an ku se and Harnas are conducting valuable work in order to save Africa’s cats from extinction. The funds we supply to N/a’an ku se will go to the purchase of radio collars for big cats that have been released into the wild, and the funds we supply to Harnas will go to supporting the soft release of their cheetahs into the Lifeline, a wild-living 8000ha release site. A range of new merchandise featuring big cats is available now!




We'll be celebrating this new venture and our birthday all week, with a few giveaways here and on some of your other favourite blogs too, so stay tuned, please share, and help us help cats! There are too many domestic cats and not enough big ones! Hopefully through our mission we can help to balance out the numbers!