Am I a Cat?

I've been told in the past that I look like a cat (!), weird, I know. I've heard it twice. One time was when I was working at a cat veterinary hospital so the old guy might've just had cats on the brain. His words were "wow you know you actually look like a cat! Not in a bad way, just like the green eyes and the features"... I didn't take it in a bad way anyway. I really don't think I do but what do you think?

To add to these unusual compliments I've also been told I behave like a cat. On many occasions. And if I start to think about it I guess I do... I can be quite lazy and I love sleeping! But it goes deeper than that too...

Dan, my boyfriend, constantly says to me "you think your a cat!" when I curl up in a ball with my hands and feet tucked under myself. (Believe it or not, sometimes I'll wake up in bed with pins and needles in my toes from having them tucked under my feet when I'm lying on my back with my knees bent). Both of my cats do that - I call them 'tea cosy cats'!

Tea cosy Oliver!

The cat-like traits go on. I've always been a confident person, and never one to be concerned with other people's opinions. I've never been one to cave in to peer pressure, I've never been needy and I've never done things just to make other people happy, I guess like dogs.

I believe I'm an old soul, and that I've been on this planet before (possibly as a cat!). When my mother gave birth to me, the first thing the doctor said was "this ones been here before!" because I was looking around the room rather than crying. I've always been independent, and done what I wanted in life, when I wanted. I'm also not overly affectionate - I am to a certain degree, but only sometimes, when I feel like it. Like the majority of our feline family members, I cant be forced into some snuggle time!

My star sign, Scorpio, might also suggest that I'm a cat (or, well, a scorpion):

"In their everyday behavior they give the appearance of being withdrawn from the center of activity, yet those who know them will recognise the watchfulness that is part of their character"

"Rebelliousness against all conventions"

"Total arrogance"

"Extreme volatility of temperament"

After reading this back I realise I might not sound like such a nice person with the traits I've listed! Let me assure you that isn't true, I'm lovely I promise! I'm not one of those rare mean cats, who hiss and spit and hate the world, I'm just my own person and I'm not afraid to be it!

When it comes down to it I look at it this way. If we were to put people into two categories - 'dogs' and 'cats', there would be more dogs than cats. It also turns out that there are more dog lovers than cat lovers in the world (that's not to say a person in the dog category couldn't be a cat lover of course!).

I've always appreciated cats for what they are. I've always had a deep connection with them, I seem to attract them wherever I go, and my mum can verify it's been like that my whole life. She can also verify that I loved cats before I even owned one, always drawing pictures of them, and asking her to "draw cats on my back" with her fingers...

If you had to think about it what would you been? An energetic, easy to please, needy dog? Or an independent, sophisticated, strategic cat?