Animals in crisis due to the NSW bushfires

For the past week, NSW has been experiencing the worst bushfires in over a decade, with several burning all over the state. Homes and lives have been lost, its just devastating, and the worst is yet to come - today is expected to be the most dangerous and devastating yet. As you can imagine, the wildlife living in the affected bushland are now in crisis. Many are being burned alive, but a lot are surviving with excrutiating burns. To make it worse, those injured survivors have no home and very little food source left. And its not only our wildlife that are experiencing this, many family pets have not made it out alive either.  


A devastating photo courtesy of Ness Farmilo Photography

  Many volunteer groups are getting together to rescue and feed the surviving animals, and they need your help. Please, if you can spare anything (money, your time, food, shelter etc) please get in contact with either WIRES, the RSPCA, Wildlife ARC or NARGA Disaster Response Team, all of whom are assisting wildlife, livestock and displaced or injured pets. Click here to go directly to the WIRES Bushfire Appeal page.


Please take care of yourselves and your pets people. Click here to see the best tips for evacuating your pets in a bush fire emergency. And if you're in or around affected areas, please drop a bucket or two of water our for our thirsty furry friends.