Announcement: Hoodie Promo With Jackson Galaxy

I'm so excited to announce something I've been keeping under wraps for the last two months... I have collaborated with the cat daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy! For the first time ever, I'm selling something other than tees. Hoodies! And for the month of December, 100% of the proceeds from all hoodies are going to Spots and Stripes Bengal Rescue!  

(Please note: even though it says 'with these two designs' above, it is actually ALL hoodies)


Spots and Stripes do an amazing job for Bengals and other cats. To date they have rescued 101 purebred Bengals and other hybrids, as well as over 20 Siamese and regular DSH’s.  They are the only rescue in the state of Florida that works primarily with Bengals & hybrids. Why Bengals? Founder, Kelsey Wiese says "I realized that more and more cats were being listed, and many rescues were turning them away because they are considered unpredictable and they tend to be the misunderstood breed of the cat world, like the Pitbull is of the dog world".



I'm so proud to be working with one of my idols, Jackson Galaxy, on this, and possibly on other promos in the future too. Click here to read the article on his website, and click here to get yourself a hoodie! Once again, we have hoodies to fit everyone - even toddlers and kids, and this promo is just in time for Christmas. Purrfect!