Are we doing enough for shelter pets?

This morning I was made aware of a campaign that focuses on spreading the word that pets in shelters are awesome. Actually not only awesome, but funny. The US organisation The Shelter Pet Project do an amazing job in not only helping pets in shelters, but promoting pets in shelters. Their ad campaigns thus far aren't the typical make-you-want-to-cry-about-the-sad-and-lonely-animal-on-the-street ad (I'm referring to an Australian RSPCA ad), but instead they're the funny point of view of the animal who has recently been adopted.

This ad I saw last year was one of the best cat adoption ads I've ever seen!

To keep in line with their motto of 'a person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet', The Shelter Pet's newest billboard advertisments make pets relatable with a humourous perspective on their new human companion.

Check out these that are already appearing around Los Angleles, and are HILARIOUS! It looks like even dogs can be funny ;o) (Oh lets face it, the majority of us love dogs too!). I litterally LOL'ed on the train this morning when I read them...

If you can't read the animal "quotes", click on the images above for a bigger version

To me, these ads are brilliant, fresh and modern, and I wish we had this approach to pets in shelters in Australia as well. We need to do more for these animals. We need to promote how great they are. While a lot less animals are euthanized each year in Australia than in most other countries (*note we do have a lot less people which equals a lot less animals), I believe that a humourous campaign like this would increase adoption numbers. These fantastic ads still remind us that more people need to adopt pets from shelters, but they also make us laugh with warmhearted funnies. And my shelter cats always make me laugh, so to me, these ads make perfect sense :o)

Via Catsparella