Artist Exchange

I never really consider myself a real 'artist', even though I have a BA in Fine Arts and do sell work on a regular basis. I look at illustrators like Lilly Piri and Harriet Gray in awe, wishing I had the time, dedication and passion to create works of art like theirs! Even though I love the designs I created on my tees and hoodies, I've wanted to build up a partnership with my favourite artists for a while now. That partnership goes a little something like this...  

Moser by Lilly Piri - simply beautiful! 


If you're an artist and have an artwork of a cat you'd like to see on a tee shirt, why not lend it to Cat Tee Mission for a month? Of course, there would be no monetary gain for you, we are a strict non-profit - your artwork would be a donation in order to raise funds for cat rescue organisations. The tees would be limited editions, only on sale for a month at a time, with full credit going to the artist and 100% of profits going to the cat rescue groups we support. One thing we could give to the artist in return is free advertising for the month their artworks are on our tees. CTM currently has no advertising, but we would compensate the artist with a banner and link on our home page.


Commissioned work by Harriet Gray - love her delicate detail!


If you're interested in being a part of 'Artist Exchange' please send an email to sarah (at)  We're also open to designers submitting work too! Depending on the amount and rate we get submissions, not all submissions will be accepted.


Now, lets see if we can get my favourite artists on board.....