Bosco's got a HOT new look!

Every time around this time of year, Bosco gets a hair cut! This isn't a decision I make lightly, and his haircut is all based on the benefits it has on him. This time of year in Australia is the end of spring, and its usually after our first really intense heat wave (last weekend) that he gets the chop!  

Bosco at Gosford Grooming


For the first couple of years I never got him clipped, it wasn't until I started working for Dr Kim Kendall Cat Vet, an expert in feline-everything and Ragdoll owner, that I considered it. I told her how Bosco was one of those cats who didn't enjoy being brushed and that summer was an uncomfortable time for him. Back then Dan and I were living with him in a Sydney apartment with no airconditioning and had to endure days of up to 44 degrees celcius (110 F)! Bosco used to pant and lay on the bathroom or kitchen floor - whichever seemed coolest. He also used to cough up a lot of fur balls during the hotter months!


Dr Kim couldn't recommed clipping enough! So, with trepedation, I took him to have his first hair cut when he was 3. I took him to an experienced professional groomer that clipped him while I waited and with no sedation. I couldn't believe how well behaved Bosco was during the whole thing. On the way home, I thought 'he's gonna hate me when we get home', but I was shocked and surprised at the bouncing kitten that came out of the carrier when we got home! He was like a new cat! Way more energetic, happy, and even more affectionate.


Since then I've gotten him shaved every year in November. We don't do it for looks, we do it for comfort - which basically means all the hair comes off! May look a little silly, lol, and I'll admit that I do miss his beautiful long fur, but he feels a million times better, which is the main thing. Here a few pics of my newly fashioned Bosco...





You're still beautiful Bos! 

  I would definitely recommend clipping if you've been thinking about it. But make sure you go to a groomer who will do it while you wait. My groomer is so wonderful that she lets me come out the back, put an apron on and stay by Bosco's side the whole time. And she has 13 years experience with cats. You can also go to a vet clinic, but they will most likely charge more, and also use sedation. Some cats do need sedation, but most don't, so I'd try to avoid it unless its absolutelty neccessary.

  Happy summer to all those in the southern hemisphere! The first day of summer is on Saturday and it's going to be even HOTTER than last weekend! Yuck!