Cat Crib - Review

I was so excited when I was asked to review the new Cat Crib for my international audience. What on earth is a Cat Crib you ask? Its a simple, modern and brilliant idea - a space-saving hammock for your cat that hangs under most chairs, forming an intimate and comfortable sleeping space for your kitty. We all know how cats love to get into and under things!

After looking at the Cat Crib online, I was pleasantly surprised to see a black one when I opened my package - the one on the website is blue - that would go with my black polka dot chair perfectly! Non-cluttering, simple AND stylish adds to the appeal of this new product.

The Cat Crib is designed to fit under four legged chairs, with legs that are 18″ to 27″ apart. The straps fasten to the legs with sturdy velcro - they key is to make sure you fasten the velcro tight, so there's no slipping when kitty is napping on the hammock.

Ollie and Bosco were both curious at the new arrival (as always), but Ollie was the first one to check out the Crib. He also thought it was a great vantage point to stalk Bosco from.

It didn't take Ollie long though, to climb inside and snuggle up. It soon became his new fav sleeping place!

The only complaint I have is that it wasn't big enough for Bosco, who is a huge cat at 7kgs/15lbs. However, that is not a complaint about the product, but more about my chair. If I had a chair with slightly wider legs, like the one pictured on the Cat Crib website, or a side table like the one featured in this video, I'm sure Bosco would've had no qualms with getting in on the kitty hammock action too! He looks the perfect picture sitting on top of the chair though, don't you think?

The Cat Crib is available for pre-oder on the Cat Crib website for $29, and it comes highly recommended by Ollie!