Cat Paintings...

As mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of Jill West and her gorgeous cat paintings and creations. Check out her Etsy store. I have recently had her commission me two paintings featuring my babies and she has since finished both and they are on their way to me from the USA as we speak! Here are the pics of the finished products - so cute!!!

Me and my boys Bosco and Oliver - now the header for this blog :o)

Cute Christmas theme

Seeing that I have a thing for ginger kitties I also decided to buy another product from her store. This adorable hand made and painted cat doll. Oliver usually likes to cuddle up to plush toys so this one will be going on my bed and hopefully I'll be able to snap a cute pic of him snuggling with it!

As you can see, Jill's stuff is just beautiful! I highly recommend checking her store out or contacting her for a commissioned piece. She also has a blog: That's My Cat.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for stopping by!