Cat Protection Society

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Cat Protection Society of NSW's annual Open Day. The day serves as an oppoortunity for the general public to learn about the great things they do, from rehoming cats and kittens to caring for those who might stay a little longer. CPS is a no kill adoption shelter based in Sydney and is one of very few cat-only shelters. The day also gives them the opportunity to fundraise, and this year they did so by selling show bags and kitty art! Check out the mini-canvas I bought below, with the artist being none other than a kitten! So cute - these sold very quickly!

They also auctioned off large scale paintings by their current cats who are looking for their forever home. Click here to see the vid of the kitties in action!

It was a really great day and with kitten season just about starting here in the southern hemisphere it really helps to educate people about responisble pet ownership - spay and neuter people! There are so many kittens who won't make it past a few weeks old because of this very problem and it breaks my heart. Already organisations like CPS, RSPCA and Hunter Animal Rescue are crying out for foster carers to help reduce the amount of euthanized babies. If you can help in any way, please contact these orgs.

But for now, say hello to some of the gorgeous kitties at CPS!

The lovely, chilled and affectionate Max

Handsome Kiwi, who was out on patrol during the day - so relaxed to meet so many people!

Frida, an absolute sweet stunner!!

Another way CPS raises money is by selling individual kitties from this amazing artwork called The Dream. Every time one is sold, a new piece of the artwork is revealed underneath. A great idea and a beautiful artwork!

Purrs and prayers for all cats looking for their forever homes, and thank to organisations like CPS, who give these moggies a fighting chance!


P.S. Don't forget the giveaway below!! It will be drawn this Wed at 9pm Sydney time!