Cat Shelters Around the World: South Africa

Cat Village South Africa, is one of the coolest sanctuaries for homeless cats I've ever seen! Located on the East Rand, on 5 acres of land, Cat Village consists of African grasslands, purpose built huts equipped with baskets and blankets, and rustic hides made from twigs and branches. Cat Village is home to both domestic and feral cats, that are homeless and neglected.  


The “angel” that made all of this possible, is Irma Teller, a lady entirely devoted to the rescue of abused, abandoned or homeless cats. For many years, Irma and her husband, Herbert, had a desire to create a cat sanctuary where they could care and look after unwanted and neglected cats.  In 2004, this became a reality and so began Cat Village!



Irma never turns a cat away, and provides constant care for them. The cost of running this amazing place, is of course not cheap. Cat Village receive no permanent source of funding, so please consider donating, becoming a member, sponsorship or even purchasing their 2013 wall calendar! Click here for more details on how you can help.



Cat Village is not only a haven for cats, but more like a heaven. They have a human to clean their homes, they live on a natural fenced garden property, the sleep in dry warm wooden huts which are scattered throughout the property, they receive medical care when needed, and have clean food and water on tap 24/7. Best of all, Cat Village is no-kill, so they cats their have finally found their forever homes! What an amazing place! Please consider donating to such a wonderful shelter.