Cat Tee Mission Welcomes Faye Moorhouse

Really excited to announce UK artist, Faye Moorhouse, as our March artist!  



Faye resides in sunny Brighton in England, and describes her art as "unusual, funny and wonky", and her shop is "filled with weird things", including prints, original artworks, garlands and custom pet portraits. We are very proud to have one of those wonky kitties on our tees, phone covers, sweaters and totes for the month of March, where as always, 100% of the profit goes to the cat projects we support.



Custom portraits by Faye

If you're quick you can get $10 off any orders over $50 in our US and EU shops at the moment too, so now is the perfect time to buy! Just use coupon code POTOFGOLD at checkout. This offer runs out in about 48 hours.


If you're interested in being a part of Artist Exchange, check out the details here. Huge thanks to Faye for donating her work this month!