Cat Tee Mission Welcomes Ongoing Artists...

We are extremely lucky to have amazing, kind hearted artists who donate their artworks to us to participate in Artist Exchange. And since launching our African Cat Appeal last month, we've had even more artists come on board and donate their works for an ongoing time period to help us raise funds for cats, big and small.

  The very talented Richard Symonds is letting us use this gorgeous cheetah cub pencil drawing on our tees and iPhone covers. This is a personal fave and has been selling like hotcakes!


Cheetah cub_edited

International artist Richard Symonds has been specializing in wildlife for over 20 years. Richard became well known for his life-size painting of an African bull elephant and has recently completed another life-size elephant painting of Mark Shand's "Tara" and Asian elephant. His work is sold worldwide and in many auction houses including Christie's and Sotheby's. Richard also paints figurative work which is mainly in his signature black and white style. - From


Johan Hoekstra has been so kind to donate his Lioness and Cubs drawing to help us raise much needed funds! Get it now on lots of items!



  Since childhood, Johan Hoekstra has been passionate about drawing animals and birds, and throughout his life has been taking trips to the bush at every opportunity; sketching, observing and photographing wildlife. After studying architecture and graphic design, Johan embarked on a distinguished career in advertising, winning a host of international and local awards.  Tiring of the grueling life in big business, he created his own design studio, specialising in design consulting, book design and illustration. Johan Hoekstra is noted for his fidelity to nature and his phenomenal sense of observation, through which he can express, with startling accuracy, the character and body language of any bird or animal. His paintings hang in corporate and private collections in Southern Africa, the Middle and Far East, Australia, the USA, the UK and Europe. - From


Karen Phillips has been extremely generous, helping us raise money for the groups we support, by letting us use not one, not two, but three of her pencil drawings!







  "I choose to work mainly in graphite, occasionally dipping into colour and pastel, as I feel this medium allows me to create the detail, depth and whole range of textures I work towards achieving. I put everything I can into every drawing I create. I always start with the eyes, the ‘behind sight’ series being an exception, in the hope of creating the most realistic and emotive artwork I can. My aim is to create artwork that not only transports me back to where I saw the subject but to take the viewer with me and if it adds a smile the their face, conjures up a memory or makes them want to go see for themselves even better. I’d like to think that my drawings help the viewer to see the beauty in all wildlife, even the very misunderstood and enthralling hyena." - From


A huge thank you to these amazingly talented and renowned artists! We are so lucky to have you on board! Get your tee featuring these illustrations in our US, EU, Australian and African shops now!