Cat Tee Mission welcomes Zarzi

Our Artist Exhange program is up and running! Artist Exchange is a new initiative we started this month where arists, illustrators, designers, etc, can donate one of their kitty artworks for one month. We then put that artwork on a tee, and as usual, the profits from the sales go to our 5 cat rescue groups. To kick off Artist Exchange, we welcome an artist by the name of Zarzi, who hails from León, Gto, Mexico.  



Zazri is a poet and artist. His work as an illustrator represents simple or ordinary situations or elements with a touch of fiction, in an atempt to escape their own simplicity. His work has been featured in different collective exhibits, various Mexican magazines and has he has a published poetry book called 'Granulo del Miembrulo (Ediciones ICL 2011)'.




We are very honored to have Zarzi as our very first guest artist. If you'd like to get involved with Artist Exchange, click here for all the details. We have some amazing artists coming up so stay tuned for our limited edition items! Zarzi's Balloon Kitty tee (below) will be on sale in both our US store and Australian store til the end of February - don't miss out!