Cats and Christmas + Locketship Giveaway Winner

Christmas just wouldn't be the same with out our furry friends, would it? They love being a part of it, from hiding amongst the wrapping paper to opening their own gifts and then being more interested in the empty boxes and gift bags. I took some photos of the cats doing all of those things and more. The best part for me was how much Bosco loved his new toy. He's 7 now so often takes a back seat, but he was so playful and merry yesterday, it was just great!  

Ollie on Christmas morning

Whose tail is that?!

Greenies, a Christmas Kong and Dangly Santa! Purrfect kitty prezzies!

I love seeing Bosco have fun!

Ollie loves his Kong!

Ollie thinks this is the best present of all!

I was lucky enough to get some kitty gifts too. iPhone 5 cover by Harriet Gray, black cat sweater from and a cheetah singlet top! Yay!




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The winner is, MAREE MCWHA! You have won a NewPAWlitan Ring and Postcard set. An email is on its way to you. Congrats!