Cats and Tats - Giveaway!

I don't have any tattoos, but there have been instances in my life where I thought I might get one, because I actually do quite like them. Well, some of them. There are many that are tacky, or badly done, in the wrong place, or just completely wrong all together! But there are some that are beautiful pieces of art. One of my besties, Rachel, has the most beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on her back, and a set of stars too. Its perfect for her. Its tattoos like that that makes me think I might quite like one. But I'd have to have the perfect one for me of course. It'd have to be a cat! Here are a collection of cattoos I love, that seem perfect for the people they're on. Click the pics to be taken to the source (and be sure to keep reading for this week's giveaway).








The other day when I was looking for pictures to add to my 'Cattoos' Pinterest Page, I came accross some awesome fake kitty tats that I just loved. They were made by UK artist Harriet Gray and I bought a 7 pack immediately (along with a cute pouch featuring one of her cat illustrations). What better way to test out a cattoo than with a fake one first!




Harriet doesn't have any real tattoos, and sounds a little like me when it comes down to getting one: "I've not got any real tattoos myself, I've always liked the thought of getting one but am a bit too scared about the pain. and I'm so indecisive... although whenever I wear my fake kitty tattoos it makes me reeeally want to get a real one!"

Harriet is just lovely and has kindly offered my readers the chance to win a 3 pack of her cat tats - your choice from the 7 below. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. The winner will be randomly drawn next Monday, 30th July.



Make sure you stop by Harriet's blog and Etsy shop. Her illustrations are just beautiful, and she can even do a custom of you and your cat!

Have you already got a cattoo? Would love for you to share it on the Cat Tee Mission FB wall!




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