Cats on Modcloth

Thanks to Yasmine of Cat Versus Human, I've recently become acquainted with the online shopping site Modcloth. This site is full of unique and awesomely affordable fashion and homewares, A LOT of which feature cats. In today's post I thought I'd showcase a few of their pieces, but to get the full effect just type 'cats' or 'feline' into the search bar on their site.

The first two dresses, I'm proud to say, I own :o)
To see the item on the Modcloth site and see the cat prints close up, click the link under each image.

Major Tomcat Dress

Frolicking Feline Dress

Got a Feline Dress

Feline Fabulous Dress

Phenomenal Kitten Dress

Cat and Ca-doodle Dress

Paws and Play Dress

Paw me a Cup Tea Set, Meow for Measuring Cups, Klaus and Yves Shakers

There are so many cool cat things I could've shown you here, they also have a 'Shoes', 'Bags and Accessories' and 'Vintage' section, as well as a blog and an option for you to 'Be the Buyer' by helping Modcloth choose which designs get created and then sold on their site. So if you haven't yet, get over there quick smart - there's still time for Christmas!