Crazy Cat Lady and Her Friends

As some of you already know, on Saturday night I attended my bestie's 30th birthday party. Or should I say her 'Nerdy 30' birthday party. The theme was to dress as anything uncool, so of course my first thought was to go as a crazy cat lady! Not that I necessarily think crazy cat ladies are uncool (I'm one in real life!), but society does, and well lets face it, there definitely are some crazy cat ladies that are uncool (hoarders and those that have too many to sufficiently care for). Anyhoo, it was a great night and I loved my costume! I designed it based on the famous CCL from The Simpsons and a few other costumes I googled.  



The costume: My cat themed shoes are actually designer and are by Miu Miu, my cat themed skirt I bought especially for the night from Etsy seller Sweetcheeks Stitches, the cat toys are from a bulk website called Stuffed Safari, the galsses are from eBay, and the blouse and cardi I bought cheap with the intent of sewing the cats on. I sewed one to a hair piece for extra CCL effect as well! All cat accessories (earrings, nail art and cat ring) are all mine. The creepy nerd next to me in the photo below is my real life boyfriend! Promise he is actually good looking in real life and doesn't normally sport a mo haha!




From left: Jen, De (the birthday girl), me, Rach



We had a great night and I loved channelling my inner CCL! My friends and their men also looked super awesome dressed up, and I want to wish De a very happy Nerdy 30th (for the 22nd).




From left: Scott, Jose, Jason, Dan


I won 'Most Creative Costume' on the night, woohoo!