Cute Kitty of the Month

Last month you met Maley the blind kitten. This month you are meeting her very special 3-legged brother Ernie!

Ernest Fitzwilliam

Ernie, Bebi, Ernesto, Amor, Principe, Hermoso, Corazon, Morenito, Mr. Ernie, Papasito

1 year and 7 months as of June 4th

Russian Blue mix

Fav foods:
Ham, Nomies(treats), and a mix of fish and meat every meal, he's reeeeeally picky about his food, he won't eat what you give him if he doesn't like it

Fav habbits:
Sit at the balcony door, talk to the birds and squirrels, clean and play with his sister, remind me that he is the king of the castle by biting my ankles when I'm late with his meals, cuddle with me and climb.

Fav place:
The balcony door, he spends hours and hours looking outiside.

Any enemies:
The carrier and the moths and flys and of course, the vet

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?:
I will banish all the kill shelters, the people that hurt animals will be in jail, there would be no bull or cock or dog fights and I would love for everyone to adopt a special pet, they're amazing! And I'd like for a cure to FIP to be discovered.

Ernie was a stray cat, he had been hit by a car and found on the side of the road by a good person who brought him into the same hospital that was treating our late cat Noelle. He had a pelvic fracture and his left hind leg didn't heal so they had to amputate it. Since he was such a sweetheart they decided to help him and then find him a home and so he came to our lives after the loss of our dear Noelle to FIP. The vets and techs saw how much we loved and cared for Noelle and how devastated we where and asked us if we wanted Ernie, as they where looking for a special home for him. After 5 minutes we knew it was meant to be, Noelle had put him in our way! And so he's been our buy ever since, we're blessed with a pair of amazing special kitties.