Cute Kitty of the Month

I am sooo behind on my Cute Kitty of the Month posts! I missed last month all together and this one is 10 days late. My fault, have been swamped trying to start up a new little cat-related project (stay tuned on that one!). You're about to meet one of the most special kitties in the world. This is Maley and her story is told by someone who has become a great friend of mine. Karla from Rhode Island, USA (originally from sunny Mexico) shares her home with her hubby and two special needs cats - Ernie (who only has three legs) and Maley who you're about to read about.

Mae Mae, Nana, Mami, Nena, Princesa, Bebita, Peach, Blondie

5 months, 10 days

DMH- Angora mix

Fave food:
Everything, she eats whatever is on her way, especially what's in her brother's plate

Fave habbits:
Sleeping on a chair, talk, follow me everywhere, play with her brother, get under things

Fave place:
Under the bed, her blankie next to the couch, under the tv, on top of the A/C, her daddy's nightstand and a chair we put in the living room for her

Any enemies:
Ribbons, her sworn enemies and loud noises

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?
I would like to educate people about special abled pets, they are perfect and amazing. Both my kids are special for a lot of reasons and a lot of ways, they are so loving and smart and I know of places where they would instantly PTS kitties like mine and I just don't understand why, they can do so many things. If I had the money I would have a place for all of those animals to go and live happy forever. Please, consider a special kitty as an adition to your family

I was sharing adoptable pets pictures on FB and I saw her, I felt in love with her in that moment and sent an email to the rescue hoping she hand't been adopted and she wasn't! She was rescued from a ditch when she was tiny baby and due to a URI she lost both eyes. She comes from Georgia and a couple of volunteers that transport pets from the high kill shelters down south to safe homes up north, brought her to me on March 18th - we've been a happy family ever since.

Maley and her brother Ernie