Cute Kitty of the Month

Happy April Fools Day! No practical jokes here though, just one very special Cute Kitty of the Month, hailing all the way from the Philippines. Stephanie tells the story of Twister the Grumpy Cat...


Boo, Grumpy

13 months

Tabby DSH (but friends think he's a Dragon Li)

Favourite foods:
I feed him Orijen 6 Fish dry cat food, but he loves Before Grain Salmon and Tuna canned cat food. And he looks forward to taking his vitamins because he gets to eat his favorite treat, Feline Greenies chicken flavor.

Favourite habbits:
he wraps his paws around my arm when we sleep at night, tries to hide under the sheets when I change the beddings, prefers the packaging (plastic and boxes) over the actual toys, i ask him "who's the cute cat?" and he starts rolling awound the floor then stops to show me his belly so I could rub and kiss it :) and waking up mama early in the morning with a loud meow right in front of her face :)

Favourite place:
bathroom sink, the back of the couch by the window, behind the computer monitor, under my work chair, my desk, my bed, my bedroom window

Any enemies?:
the occasional cockroach that comes to visit our home

Favourite animal:
me, his human mama! :)

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?
Cat and kitten abuse is rampant here in the Philippines: drunkards use them as pistol targets, children crush them with rocks, newborns are stuffed in plastic bags and thrown in the garbage. If Twister had not slept on my foot in an outdoor restaurant last year, he would have had suffered the same fate. His broken and twisted tail and irrational fear of trucks and loud vehicles are proof that he had had a rough life before we met. It's hard to campaign for animal rights in a third world country like the Philippines, but I firmly believe that as individuals we could do simple things to make life better for our furry friends. So I do little things: I give scrap food (or some of Twister's) to the stray cats in our neighborhood, I rescue kitties from the garbage and bring them to an adoption center, and I've joined an online cat community in Manila and encouraged friends to foster or adopt cats. But I think that my greatest contibution, though, is giving the best possible life to give to Twister. I've shown my family and friends and total strangers that joyful and magical things happen when we save a life. And, guess what? In my case, as a bonus, that little life unwittingly saved mine. :)

He found me 2 days before Valentine's day last year. I was having dinner with some friends at an outdoor restaurant near my place and then he appeared out of nowhere and slept on my feet. He was so tiny and dirty and frail. :( We tried to give him food, but all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep on my feet! Of course I had to take him home! :) I brought him to the vet the following day (he was vomitting all night and had diarrhea) and he told me that Twister would have died if I didn't take him home. Good thing I did!!! :) I think, though, that I needed him more than he needed me. He's been such a joy and I believe that he's my lucky charm! :)
Oh, I named him Twister because his tail was broken in 3 places so it looked like a twister fry! :)

These photos of Twister were supplied by Stephanie. You can follow her on Instagram to see more pics of her gorgeous kitty: @magicpoppet