Cute Kitty of the Month

I recently completed my first set of custom kitty portraits for Aaron and Sarah from Maryland in the US. I drew their three lovely kitties, Peanut, Meatball and Burger and it was an absolute pleasure. I'm also happy to say that I've just started on my second set of customs for Tamar of I HAVE CAT.

From top: Burger, Meatball and Peanut

So I thought what better way to start March than with one of these lovely kitties. Aaron shares Peanut's story with us...

Name: Bodie (after Boeing)

Nickname/s: Peanut, Little Man

Age: 2.5

Breed: Himalayan

Little Peanut

Favourite foods: Cheese, Snacks, Cheese flavored snacks (he dislikes most cat foods, and human foods)

Favourite habits: kneading whatever he's on, sleeping in the middle of doorways, covering his food after a snack, attempting to cover the dog food since it smells gross

Favourite place: Sleeping on his back in the middle of the hallway or napping in his carrier full of United blankets.

Any enemies?: the towel we wrap Him in to give him meds (recently diagnosed with wet FIP), and he's scared of the outdoors.

Favourite animal: Burger, who gives him baths when he's not feeling well

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be? Eliminate abuse, testing, and neglect by humans. For humans to be labeled as an "intelligent species", I fail to understand why any of it occurs.

Bio: Peanut came from a breeder and spent his first nights sleeping against my neck to stay warm. Now he spends his days & nights kneading, napping, snacking and greeting us at the door when we come home from work. Everyday with him is a blessing, and we try to give him the best life we can.

Peanut now

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