Cute Kitty of the Month

Meet Belle, the sweet rescue kitty who owns my uncle and aunt in London. She was rescued from Cat and Kitten Care, which is a cat rescue charity run my my aunt Mary and her friend Fran. Together they work tirelessly to save the cats and kittens of Walthamstow, London.

Belle Barnes

Minnie Moo, Gwavy (as in gravy but with a w), Girl

2 years old

Moggy with tabby pattern and stripes (DSH)

Fave food:
Hills science plan biscuits, gravy, marmite and tuna

Fave habbits:
Meowing when my human pets play the harmonica, looking in the draw where the catnip is kept, looking under the rug for biscuits, looking under the sofa for toys, using the scratch post and being combed

Fave place:
In the summer time I love to lay on the platform of my tower and look out of the window, at the moment I'm lying in my sheepskin hammock which is hooked over the radiator (so cosy)

Any enemies:
I do not like cats or insects

Favourite animal:
I like watching animals on t.v, was watching donkeys earlier

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?
Belle would like cars made of sponge so cats could bounce off them

I was born in leytonstone London England and was found by a builder in a plastic bag which had been thrown into a builders skip. In the bag with me were four kittens, three had died sadly. The remaining kitten and I were taken to Cat and Kitten Care in Walthamstow, London. The kind lady there wormed and defleed us and we were taken to the vets for a health check. I was allowed home but my kitten was kept in and died after a day. My human pets came to see me and took me home with them (thank goodness as there were so many other cats there and I hated it).

Because I was taken to Cat and Kitten Care on Xmas Eve 2010, Fran thought she'd mark the occasion with a festive name so she was named Bell and her kitten Jingle as in jingle bells. My new humans liked Bell but added the e on the end because I am a beauty and I quite like having a french name!

My life now is pretty good, though I don't go outside and I'm not sure I'd like it now. The human pets told me they hope to move soon to an area with less cars so maybe I will go out then, thats for the future. To tell the truth I like to live from day to day.


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