Cute Kitty of the Month

This month you're all so lucky to meet a very sweet kitty named Mr Bean from Sydney! His story is told by my good friend Jess...

Name: Mr. Bean

Nicknames: Weanie, the family man

Age: 1 year

Breed: DSH

Sex: Male

Fav food: Everything! He loves parmesan cheese... although he has to steal it as he is not allowed to eat it!

Fav habbits: Having snuggles with anyone who will have him!

Fav place: Having recently moved house, we now know that location doesn't matter to him much, his favourite place to be is with us [hence the nickname, 'the family man.'

Any enemies?: The Brush!

Favourite animal: Our other glamour puss, Macy.... although she isn't quite so keen on him!

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?: I would make everyone realise how beautiful they are so that animal cruelty would stop.

We started out with one cat, Macy who is a DMH. We had her for 6 months and began thinking that she needed a friend to keep her company whilst we were out as she is an indoor only cat. I went to the Cat Protection Society of NSW a few times just to look, as we hadn't made a firm decision yet . On one occasion, I was discussing the idea of adopting a new kitten with one of the CPS staff members. I had said that I would like a male this time and preferably tabby and white. We were talking about how to introduce when the cutest little DSH kitten came up to me and jumped straight on my lap and began to 'groom' me. So in fact, he chose me!

Macy and Mr Bean

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