Cute Kitty of the Month

For my very first Cute Kitty of the Month, I've decided to choose a fellow Aussie! And, I purposely chose a ginger as the first featured cute kitty - some of you already know I have a soft spot for gingers! Meet Harry, hailing from Melbourne, Australia...

Name: HRH Princess Harry (no I didn't mean to type 'Prince', Harry is a girl!)

Nicknames: Harry, Rang Rang, Ginga Ninja, Rang, Ginga Monsta

Age: Will be 3 years old on 19th Janurary

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Sex: Female

Fav food: Hills Science Diet TD - which luckily her mummy feeds her - fancy that! And Greenies treats for strong teeth!

Fav habbits: These words are straight from Harry herself - "meh likes collecting stuff... munee (notes onlee coz coins izunt wurf much), soks, penz, pretty much any fink meh can carry meh will "acquire".. Mummeh sez its steeling but just coz meh likes to collect fings duz not make me a theef... meh iz a collector of objekts"

Fav place: Her mummy's bed, her cave (where she keeps her collectables!)

Any enemies?: None really

Favourite animal: Herself of course!

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?: It would be for all the kitties in the world to be as loved as much as Princess Harry!

Bio: In Harry's own words again - "lotz ofs peeples and kittehs haz aksed meh how i gots mai name and why iz i called Harry ifs i iz a gurl.. so i thort dat i would tell how i gotz mai name and hows i got chosend to libe wif mai fambly...
mai mummehs babee before me had died... hiz name woz Tinky Winky and mummeh waz bery sad..she sed NO MORE KITTEHS!... but dat only lasted 2 weeks coz dere was a cat shaped hole in her hart dat needed toos be dey went to da RSPCA which iz where Tinky Winky comed frum and George (George iz mai big bruver) too and she woz looking to see if a new kitteh would pick herz.. she wanted a boy kitteh coz she had only eber had boy kittehs before... plus she wanted a big kitteh coz George iz big.. and mummy haz a bit of a fing for tabbys so... her ideal kitteh would be a big tabby boy! and wots did she get? a littel ginger gurl! Dere were lots of kittehs dat liked mummeh... and she woz habing a hard time choosings... but da one she liked came wif a brover and dey hads to go as a pair...mummy sed no she woulds keep looking...
and den she saw me...
so she comed ober and piked me up... and sed... dis iz da one! i will habe dis little boy... and we wills callz him Prince Harry... after da red haird prince.... she was carrying me around... and i new dat she was going to finds out sooner or later dat i wozunt a boy... and i woz a bit worried coz i had herd her tell da lady dat she wanted a boy......and dis lady was saying... "ooooh he's a lubbly ginge boy... and den anover lady camed in and was torking to mummy and den she sez... " i see you found da ginger girlie!!... mummy puted meh on da ground like a hots potatoe...
and i woz sad...... she was still talking to da lady abouts how she thort i woz a boy and how da ober lady thorted it az well... i knew i had to act fast... i did da best cutsey act eber known to man... i talked and talked and talked until she picked me up...and i kissed her and talked sum more... mummy den rang mai hooman sister and asked wot to do...mummy put mes down again while she woz on da fone
i sang soooo loudly dat she had to tells me to be quiet coz she cudent hear on da fone..she woz walking around in da enclosure and i did follow her... she nearly stepped on meh... coz i did gets under her feets...but i knew dat i had to make her piks me up again...coz i had a cunning plan.... i sat dere and talked and talked and she piked me up... and den... i felled asleep wif my head snuggled intos hers neck... it smelled so nice and i knew dat she woulds be my mummeh and dat she woulds take meh home..... and shes did... she asked me if i liked da name Harry... and wens she called me i meowwwwed backs at her... so she sed we will make it Princess Harry instead of Prince... and dat iz how i camed to haz my mummeh and how i gotz mai name!... DA END!"

What a GORGEOUS cat!