Cute Kitty of the Month

You all know Tamar of I HAVE CAT, you might even know a bit about her mascot kitty Petie, but how well do you know her youngest cat and failed foster, Haddie? Today you're lucky enough to meet her (via Tamar)...  






Little Girl






Brown Tabby mixed with a wee bit of Tortie.


 Tortie feet!


Fav foods:

Weruva Mack and Jack wet food Temptations, Greenies, and I did catch her eating a hard-boiled egg once.


Fav habits:

Sticking her head in front of Kip’s food bowl at feeding time. She’s convinced his food is better than hers (Kip is such a love and doesn’t resist, he just goes over to her bowl).


Fav place:

Cat shelf



Any enemies?:

For some reason she has it out for Petie. He could be minding his own business and she’ll walk over to him, bite his neck and not let go! I think she’s defending her boyfriend Kip, since Petie picks on him now and again.


 Haddie and her older man, Kip


If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for cats, what would it be?:

Having society and our judicial system take animal abuse seriously. If a child or adult cannot understand why it’s wrong to hurt or kill another living being, that’s a huge problem. There has been much research that demonstrates people who abuse pets have a higher propensity for domestic abuse and even murder. Click here and here for more info on that.



Haddie and her two siblings, named Nattie and Maddie by her rescuers, were found on the streets of NYC as underweight kittens covered in fleas and suffering from raging herpes infections in their eyes. Thanks to City Critters and the vets at West Chelsea, all the kittens received the medical attention they needed (including surgeries) and kept their eyes! I still take Haddie to West Chelsea and each time I do, the vet techs come visit her and tell me about how little she was and how they feared she would lose at least one eye. Because of her herpes infections and subsequent surgeries, Haddie’s third eyelid is damaged.  Her vision seems fine, but the damage to her eyes has given her a permanent sad face. She’s such a funny pinched face girl.

Haddie lived with me off and on for almost a year as a foster. I took her to PETCO religiously each weekend for adoption at first. But she started catching on and pretty soon I’d find her under my bed just out of reach on Saturday mornings, even before I’d taken the carrier out. After a few missed weekends at Petco, I stopped taking her all together.  She’s officially mine, and my sister ended up adopted Nattie (renamed Birdie because she chirps!).


The portrait I drew of Haddie

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